Friday, February 7, 2014

Wild Child

Cold, rain, snow, dark, grey are just some of the words I’d use to describe
New York right about now. As we all await the first signs of spring, all
awhile reaching for rain boots and black, more black,
I’m trying to not get to caught up in the darkness of it all.

So here are a few positive things:
(1) Valentine’s Day – a cheesy excuse to dress up,  spend an exurbanite
amount of money on a dinner that is somewhere between
 mediocre and plain unacceptable (although this time I hope
to break the pattern by going to the new Soho location for Laduree).
(2) Laduree has opened in Soho. Major yelp and a little dance. Refer to #1. Ok, so I have been dreaming of buying a ticket to Paris for many reason but in particular, to visit my all-time favorite place on earth, Laduree. New York it’s about time we open one that has a tea room and all of the delicious, mouthwatering pastries that I stuffed my face with in Paris and London.  
(3) Winter Olympics – the perfect excuse to convince myself that I’m purely staying home to watch the games and not at all out of laziness/hibernation. On the downside, it does make me feel like I should go to the gym, run or climb something instead. But we are getting off course here.

sweater: club monaco (old)// overalls: zara// shoes: loeffler randall//
bag:alexander wang// hat: hm// sunglasses: ray-ban//
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